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Does is seem like you are angry often or most of the time?

Does it seem like things bother you more than most people?

Do you find yourself acting out in physical or verbal aggression?

Do your friends and family express concern over your anger?

Do you fly off the handle quickly?

Do you lie in bed thinking about all the things that upset you from your day?

Are you holding on to past hurts that effect the way you think and feel?

Do you find yourself physically ill often? 

Do you ever get so upset that you cannot later recall what you did or said?

Are your relationships being negatively effected because of your anger?

Let us help you control your emotions instead of them controlling you!

Did you answer "Yes" to the questions above?
We can help you:
  • Identify your triggers

  • Identify and change the contributing thoughts 

  • Regulate your emotions

  • Work through past pains/hurts

  • Identify, learn to recognize and control physical body changes that accompany anger

  • Learn to resolve conflicts in healthy ways

  • and more!

Give us a call for a FREE consultation! 334-603-1427

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