Marzett Harris, M.S., LPC

Licensed Therapist

I am very compassionate in working with others.

I respect the seriousness of my partnership with individuals, groups, families in recovery and readjustments to life and living better.

I am positive and goal oriented.

I believe in my mission, role and leadership with clinical interventions and services to others in our community.

My passion and humble acceptance has been a blessing and with my 30 years of experiences, will be used to help meet individual and community needs.

Marzett's passions and experiences include working people who are experiencing:

  • stress/anxiety

  • depression

  • grief

  • ADHD

  • LGBTQ issues

  • abuse

  • conflict resolution

  • relationship/family issues

  • trauma/abuse (PTSD)

  • personality disorders

  • addiction

  • OCD

  • and more!

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