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Shirley Ford, M.S., LPC
Licensed Therapist

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Hi there. I'm Shirley.


I have always had a passion for active listening, providing support and relief to others who are hurting. 

I was blessed to have a long career in the business world but later learned I would never reach my full potential until I pursued what I was created to do. 

I re-trained and became a Licensed Professional Counselor and began the most rewarding journey of my life. 

This is a life of helping others find purpose, solace, structure, and direction. 

It is my honest belief that every human being should experience hope, peace, and wellness; spiritually, emotionally, and physically.   

My deepest desire is to assist clients in unlocking and exploring the next avenue to reach their highest potential to become what they were created to be. 

Shirley's passions and experiences include working with people who are experiencing:

  • Substance Addictions 

  • Gambling Addictions

  • Grief and Loss/Trauma

  • Crisis Interventions

  • Anger Management

  • Geriatric

  • Serious Mental Illnesses

  • Family/Couples/Children (12 and above)

  • Men and Women Issues

  • Childhood Sexual, Physical, and Emotional Abuse.


My sincerest passion is to help individuals who have been subjected to childhood sexual abuse.   I welcome the opportunity to coach them from being considered as Victims to becoming Victors. 


I employ a variety of techniques - empathy, teaching, active listening, shaping, modeling, probing, prompting, debating/challenging irrational and faulty beliefs, homework assignments, journals, setting boundaries, empty chair technique, and role playing and others.

My primary Counseling theory is Cognitive Behavior Therapy.  However, Reality/Choice Therapy, Client/Person Therapy – where the client is the expert and therapist is the guide to the solution are a few of the tools used.

Give us a call for a FREE consultation! 334-603-1427, Ext. 1

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