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Eating Disorders

Wondering if you or someone you love has an eating disorder?

You may have Anorexia Nervosa if:

-You restrict food intake resulting in significantly low body weight

-You have an intense fear of gaining weight

-You are disturbed by your body weight/shape and evaluate yourself based on this

You may have Bulimia Nervosa if:

-You engage in recurrent episodes of binge eating and feel that you have a lack of control over the episodes

-You engage in compensatory behaviors (vomiting, use of laxatives, excessive exercise) to prevent weight gain

-You evaluate yourself based on your weight and body shape

You may have Binge-Eating Disorder if:

-You engage in recurrent episodes of binge eating and feel that you have a lack of control over the episodes

-During the binges you may eat more rapidly than normal, feel uncomfortably full, eat larger amounts when you're not hungry, eat alone because of the embarrassment, and/or feel disgust, depressed or guilty after

-You are distressed after the binge eating

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness.
Therefore, it is something to take very seriously.
If you or someone you know is suffering with an eating disorder, let us help!

In counseling you can learn new and healthy ways to evaluate yourself,  

learn new ways to manage intense emotions,

work through past challenges that may be influencing your symptoms,

and more.  

It's time to have your life back and no longer allow the eating disorder to control you.

Give us a call for a FREE consultation! 334-603-1427

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