Pike Road

Restoring Hope. 

Helping you Heal.

Pike Road Counseling is a counseling practice that provides psychotherapy services to people in
all phases of life.
We offer a variety of therapy services for
adults, adolescents, families, and children.

Take a look and see why people come to
Pike Road Counseling 
for their counseling needs. 

What do we do at

Pike Road Counseling?

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Let us walk with you on your 


We offer counseling services using a variety of modalities for many different issues.  

Each licensed counselor has specialities in certain areas of mental wellness and stages of life. 

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Feeling Lost...?  

Let us help you find

your way again.

Lost all motivation...?

Let us help you find

your purpose. 

Worries taking over...?

Let us help you regain

control of your thoughts. 

The idea of entering counseling can be a little scary and intimidating for some people. 

What will it be like?

What do I say?

Will I feel comfortable? 

Will it be helpful?

We assure you, these are all normal thoughts and feelings.



While counseling can be a challenging and painful process at times as we work through hurts together, it can also be 

freeing and healing! 


If you have any reservations, give us a call and we can talk through your thoughts and feelings together and see if counseling is a good fit for you.

Give us a call for a FREE consultation! 334-603-1427